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WARMroof The WARMroof system is the most configurable and structurally robust, insulated and tiled roof in the UK market. Whether you are looking to replace an existing conservatory roof only, refurbish an existing conservatory or build a brand new extension, our WARMroof technology underpins the design in each of our roofs to ensure they offer the very highest levels of thermal efficiency. 

As homeowners, we all face the challenge of adding valuable living space to our homes and up until now we have had the choice of a conventional extension or a conservatory. But what about the combination of the two, giving you the best of both worlds?

This solid, tiled roof gives a robust extension feel, yet with the airy & light environment of a conservatory and with the option to add Velux roof lights or even a fixed 44mm triple glazed panel, you don’t have to worry about losing light in your extended living space.

WARMroof – please see our video showing the time lapse of a standard conservatory which has been converted over to WARMroof. If you like what you see here please get in touch today and we’ll make sure we get out to your home and give you a bespoke quote.

We pride ourselves on our completed jobs along with our fantastic associated reviews. We hope to hear from you soon and we’ll work together and transform your space into a more valuable living environment. Also please take the time to download our WARMroof collection brochure below. 


A Fully Tiled Roof

Our fully tiled roof allows you to add a seamless extension that harmonises with your home, so from the outside it blends with the existing property. It allows additional privacy and warmth with excellent insulation to maintain the heat whilst saving you money on your energy bills. A solid roof adds a luxurious, cosy feel. It’s true that it doesn’t allow for as much light as a glass roof would, but with plenty of windows, it can still be a fresh, bright, sun-filled space.

Glass Roofs

Our solid glass roof uses advanced technology that stops it from overheating, whilst allowing expansive amounts of sunlight into your space. It does this by reflecting unwanted sunlight out in the summer, avoiding unwanted UV rays and allowing as much warmth in as possible during the winter. With a fully glass roof you can transform a space from tired and dull to bright, light and open. The modern glass roofs look stunning and allows extensive views of the landscape beyond.

A Combinational Roof

Our innovative, modern alternative gives you the best of both worlds and looks fabulous too. It looks very much like a tiled roof from the outside. However, you benefit from being able to add glass rectangular panels exactly where you want them to allow large amounts of the sun’s rays to shine through. You know where your garden catches the most sunlight, so you can select exactly where you want the glass panels to go. The panels are far more seamless and contemporary looking when compared to conventional Velux windows. Also, the beautiful, vaulted plastered ceiling on the inside looks fantastic. It blends in well with existing living space for ultimate functionality and the internal pelmet around the perimeter means you can even fit internal speakers or spotlights.

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